Southeast Startup Challenge Finals

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HackBerry participated in the SCC competition. Originally started as the 24hr hackathon, three competitors got an invitation to the finals. Graham won the 24hr hackathon overall while Erica won the 2nd prize. Both competed in the SCC finals but things ended differently in the finals. Graham, while giving a very entertaining speech, did not come […]


Event Horizon Summer Project!

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Event Horizon – “a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape.” We are creating the largest Neopixel Display ever created. The lab has been overturned and conquered by this project. Incorporating over 9,216 Neopixels! It will be a museum exhibit in March 2019.

lab flyover


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NEW LAB SPACE! Spring 2016 heralded an opportunity to expand HackBerry Lab’s footprint at Berry College. The lab transitioned from its 500 sq. ft. space in McAllister’s Physical Computing Lab to a new, 3,500 sq. ft. standalone lab. This new space will accommodate both a growing student body and spectrum of technologies. A » CLEAN […]

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The beginning of something Great

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2015 saw the introduction of HackBerry Motorsports, a creative team formed out of passion for vehicles. A few Creative Technologies students had recently built and programmed their own ChibiKarts. ChibiKarts are miniature electric vehicles, like rechargeable go karts. After hours and hours of work designing, constructing and fine-tuning, the finished karts became a fixture of HackBerry […]