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At HackBerry Lab we constantly pursue creative solutions to interesting problems. Our design-based approach inspires students to find problems that are interesting to them and to create with the user in mind.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is all about getting ideas out into the world as quickly as possible where they can be tested. From 3D printers to Arduino, we use inexpensive tools to help students develop their ideas quickly and effectively.


Big ideas can lead to big business. Whether it’s custom fabrication or large-scale commercialization, our students are creating the technologies to become everything from small business owners to technology industry leaders.

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HackBerry Lab is a space for creative individuals to engage in designing, inventing, building, and problem solving. Home to the Berry College Creative Technologies program, is a special place which houses the tools, technology and community to support students and others need to let their ideas take shape. These tools include a variety of 3D printers, laser cutter and vinyl cutters, an extensive woodworking shop, welding equipment, and the tools and materials necessary to program and develop electronics from prototype to professional circuit boards. Through programs like HackBerry RND, HackBerry Hands, and HackBerry Motorsports, we provide students opportunities to develop their specific skills and interests and share them with the community at large.

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NEW LAB SPACE Spring 2016 heralded an opportunity to expand HackBerry Lab’s footprint at Berry College. The lab transitioned from its 500 sq. ft. space in McAllister’s Physical Computing Lab to a new, 3,500 sq. ft. standalone lab. This new space will accommodate both a growing student body and spectrum of technologies. A » CLEAN […]


The Lunar Lemons Earns Highest Award in 24 Hrs of Lemons

  When we started HackBerry Motorsports, who would have guessed that less than one year later, we would be earning the highest award in a national racing circuit?! That’s exactly what happened in April, when the Lunar Lemon team was awarded the Index of Effluency (IEO) by the judges at the the Southern Discomfort race. After a […]

2015-09-08 22.59.05

The beginning of something Great

2015 saw the introduction of HackBerry Motorsports, a creative team formed out of passion for vehicles. A few Creative Technologies students had recently built and programmed their own ChibiKarts. ChibiKarts are miniature electric vehicles, like rechargeable go karts. After hours and hours of work designing, constructing and fine-tuning, the finished karts became a fixture of HackBerry […]

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