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Spring 2016 heralded an opportunity to expand HackBerry Lab’s footprint at Berry College. The lab transitioned from its 500 sq. ft. space in McAllister’s Physical Computing Lab to a new, 3,500 sq. ft. standalone lab. This new space will accommodate both a growing student body and spectrum of technologies.

mapA » CLEAN PROTOTYPING – This lab is reserved for rapid prototyping with 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting and circuit milling. It is also utilized for physical computing using Arduino to create interactive prototypes with embedded electronics.

B » DESIGN STUDIO I – This space serves a design space for Creative Technologies students to develop their ideas and prototypes. Moveable whiteboards and tables allow students flexibility to adapt the space to work individually or in groups.

C » DESIGN STUDIO II – This studio primarily functions as a flexible instructional space where many of the courses in Creative Technologies are taught. It provides workspaces for students as well as whiteboards and project storage.

D » GALLERY – The Gallery at HackBerry Lab provides a venue for permanent exhibitions of technology developed by faculty and

students, as well as a rotating display of demo-ready prototypes. Additionally, it serves as a graphics production and pinup space for works in progress.

E » IDEATION – Students are no strangers to long nights in the lab and the Ideation space provides a relaxing atmosphere for students to temporarily distance themselves from their work and think creatively. It is populated with comfortable furniture, small work tables and removable dry erase boards for divergent brainstorming sessions.

F » LARGE PROJECTS – Large projects are a HackBerry Lab tradition. Here, students will be able to reserve large project space to allow them to work uninterrupted on projects that extend beyond a traditional semester.

G » COMMERCIALIZATION – As students’ projects mature, this space allows them to explore assembly line prototyping as they work toward commercializing their ideas.

H » SNACKBERRY LAB – Palatable prototypes take form in SnackBerry Lab where students are able to experiment with food-based hacks.

I » SHOP SPACE – Traditional and modern woodworking techniques collide in this enclosed shop where tools and technology help students make wooden creations.


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