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About HackBerry Lab

HackBerry Lab is a space for creative individuals to engage in designing, inventing, building, and problem solving. Home to the Berry College Creative Technologies program, is a special place which houses the tools, technology and community to support students and others need to let their ideas take shape. These tools include a variety of 3D printers, laser cutter and vinyl cutters, an extensive woodworking shop, welding equipment, and the tools and materials necessary to program and develop electronics from prototype to professional circuit boards. Housing programs like HackBerry RND, HackBerry Hands, and HackBerry Motorsports, we provide students opportunities to develop their specific skills and interests and share them with the community at large.

About Creative Technologies

Creative Technologies is an interdisciplinary program at Berry College that combines studies in technology, design thinking, computer science and business. It makes it's home at HackBerry Lab, where it uses hands-on technology projects as the means for developing student creativity, analytical and problem solving skills, mathematical and scientific reasoning, collaborative abilities, aesthetic sensibilities, computing, programming skills, project management skills and strategic insights. The Creative Technologies major makes it possible for students to engage in projects of personal interest including those that could be commercially viable or address unmet societal needs.

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HackBerry RND

HackBerry RND (Research and Design), is a student organization that engages Berry students in learning about technology and design through engaging events, competitions and social activities. They host campus-wide events to give all Berry students a chance to experience the joys of making. They also provide students opportunities to use their skills to give back to the community.

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HackBerry Motorsports

From officially-sanctioned curriculum to off-the-grid racing, HackBerry Motorsports is constantly expanding its spectrum of purpose-built vehicles. What started with a couple of electronic "chibi karts," has grown into a fleet of more than eight highly-customized vehicles both large and small. In early 2016, HackBerry Motorsports entered its first sanctioned racing series, The 24 Hours of LeMons. Known for its creatively-themed, low budget vehicles, the LeMons was a perfect fit for the Lunar Lemon, a 1986 Chevy Astro van transformed by students into a Space Shuttle-themed race car that went on to take the event’s highest prize, the “Index of Effluency,” recognizing the team as having achieved “the most with the least.” And the road is only getting more exciting from here.

HackBerry Hands

The problem-solving approach of HackBerry Lab has inspired many students to look beyond their own circumstances and extend their talents to helping others. As such, HackBerry Lab has continued to foster strong ties with the community through its pragmatic approach to creating accessible technology that impacts lives across the world. We call our community outreach HackBerry Hands. It explores empowerment through the use of rapid and low-cost prototyping methods to solve real problems in the real world. Our students' projects include developing inexpensive 3D printed hands and modified Power Wheels cars for disabled children.

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HackBerry Incubator

HackBerry Lab encourages its patrons to use creative design solutions and easy to access technology to solve real world problems. But that isn't the end of the story. Some students find solutions that are commercially viable, and we encourage them to use the lab's resources as a means to pursue rapid prototyping and problem solving as a means to push towards commercialization and mass production of their designs. We are foresee multi-million dollar ideas coming out of the minds at HackBerry Lab and we do everything we can to encourage those ideas to flourish.

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HackBerry Alumni

The spirit of HackBerry Lab lives on with students long after they unplug their soldering irons and scatter across the world. Our alumni are becoming innovators in their field and feel a close connection to our progress and constantly help shape the future of the lab. Wherever their path leads them, from graduate school to startups to technology education, they carry on their skills and design principles from their time at HackBerry Lab.

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Maker Academy

Maker Academy is an annual program that brings prototyping and making to students and teachers from 6-12 grade. We co-opt with city and county schools across Georgia to offer experiences for students and teachers to explore prototyping through 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics and traditional fabrication.