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HackBerry Lab is a space for creative individuals to engage in designing, inventing, building, and problem solving. Home to the Berry College Creative Technologies program is a special place which houses the tools, technology and community to support students and others need to let their ideas take shape. These tools include a variety of 3D printers, laser cutter and vinyl cutters, an extensive woodworking shop, welding equipment, and the tools and materials necessary to program and develop electronics from prototype to professional circuit boards. Housing programs like HackBerry RND, HackBerry Hands, and HackBerry Motorsports, we provide students opportunities to develop their specific skills and interests and share them with the community at large.

About Creative Technologies

Creative Technologies is an interdisciplinary program at Berry College that combines studies in technology, design thinking, computer science and business. It makes it's home at HackBerry Lab, where it uses hands-on technology projects as the means for developing student creativity, analytical and problem solving skills, mathematical and scientific reasoning, collaborative abilities, aesthetic sensibilities, computing, programming skills, project management skills and strategic insights. The Creative Technologies major makes it possible for students to engage in projects of personal interest including those that could be commercially viable or address unmet societal needs.

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For more than a century, Berry College has emphasized the importance of a comprehensive and balanced education that unites a challenging academic program with opportunities for meaningful work experience, moral growth, and significant service to others.

Nationally recognized for both quality and value, Berry is an independent, coeducational college of approximately 2,100 students that offers exceptional undergraduate degree programs in the sciences, humanities, arts and social sciences, as well as undergraduate and master’s level opportunities in business and teacher education. Students are encouraged to enrich their academic studies through participation in one of the nation’s premier on-campus work experience program, and more than 90 percent take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain valuable real- world experience prior to graduation.

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Feel free to visit the lab during our open lab hours. We are open every weekday during the Berry College school year from 6 p.m. to midnight.

To schedule lab tours for school groups, prospective students, or other curious minds, contact us below or call us at (706) 232-537 Ext. 1216. 

Our address will get you to the Berry College campus main entrance. The gatehouse staff will direct you to the Lab from there.

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