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Fall 2020 Prototyping Open House

Welcome to the HackBerry Lab Fall 2020 Prototyping Open House. Explore the many innovations and technologies created by students in Creative Technologies, Computer Science, Mathematics, and more!

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Andrew Moffatt

Andy Butzow

Brendan Corbett

Cameron Acton

Emily Kaszubowski

Harmony Petty

Ivy Collins

Jacob Caldwell

Jeremiah Lane

Jeremy Ritter

Kalista Shields

Katie Kearns

Kelsey Doerr

Lewis Denver

Luke Steel

Luke Seale

Mac Fowler

Maggie Heiskell

Marissa Henager

Mary Walters

Nicholas Munoz

Paige Culp

Rachel Christopher

Robert Mbenoun

Rosa Wheelen

Rose Wall

Sarah Thompson

Zach Huie