Paul van Wingerden

Paul van Wingerden is a Senior Creative Technologies and Creative Writing double major, with Honors. His focus in work has been design in pop culture and social trends and, after college, looks to join the military.

Microplastic Filter

The microplastic filter is a two part filter system that works in tandem with a washing machine system to capture microplastics that are released from the synthetic materials in our clothing over the course of a single wash cycle.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Spring 2020

Social Distancing - Genetic Algorithm

This was a group project designed to educate people on the importance of social distancing using a genetic algorithm. This was a group project with myself, Cameron Acton, and Cooper Foster. My role in the project was user testing and research.
CRT 320: Advanced Robotics
Spring 2020

The General

This project is my Senior Exit Hackathon. I decided to design my own PCB in the shape of General Grievous. He has twenty neopixels for his four lightsabers and plays the CIS grand march when a button is pressed.
CRT 499: Senior Project Capstone
Spring 2020