Alex Ruble

Alex Ruble is a freshman at Berry College. He is majoring in Creative Technologies and Communication. He is passionate in prototyping and cinematic arts.

Berry Deck of Cards

The Berry deck of cards is a normal set of 54 cards. It was customized using photoshop, where I made many of them based on my friends, classmates, and professor. Printed labels with designs were cut out and pasted onto a normal deck of cards.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Spring 2020

Smartphone Tripod with Wheels

In this intermediate project, I remodelled a tripod so that it would hold a smartphone and have wheels attached to the legs to glide. Using a 3D printer I constructed the smartphone adapter that could be screwed into the camera tripod.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Fall 2020