Student Resources


Prototyping means building things in the real world. Here's a handy guide for a lot of the material resources we use in the lab.

Hardware Guide


Design, code, and create with a variety of software programs. Here's a collection of software to get you started.

Software Downloads

Lab Guide

Laser cutting or 3D printing? Chances are you'll need to refer to our Lab Guide to find the right settings. Check them out here.

HackBerry Lab Guide

3D Printing

Software Installation

Cura - Download and Install Cura

Cura Setup

  • Add a Non-Networked Printer
  • Select Creality3D -> Creality Ender-3

Print Settings Setup

  • Download HackBerry Draft Print Profile
  • Download HackBerry Fine Print Profile
  • Open the Preferences Window by Pressing CTRL+J (or CMD+J)
  • Click Import
  • Select HackBerryDraft and Click Open
  • Repeat Import Process for HackBerry Fine
  • Change Default Print Profile from Standard to HackBerry Draft by clicking on HackBerry Draft and pressing 'Activate'
  • Close the Preferences Window

Material/Nozzle Setup

  • Select PLA Material (This is the default in most circumstances)
  • Change Nozzle Size to 0.6mm


Arduino – Use the Arduino IDE to create sketches for the Arduino microcontroller.

Processing – Create software applications using this Java-based programming language.

BBEdit – BBEdit is a code editor that is useful for programming in a variety of programming languages (Mac Only)

NotePad++ – NotePad++ is a code editor that is useful for programming in a variety of programming languages (PC Only)

CyberDuck – CyberDuck is an FTP program that can be used to upload files to a web server.

CoolTerm – Serial interface debugging software for hardware interfaces.


Inkscape – 2D vector-based graphic design software.

TinkerCAD – Online 3D design program for beginners.

Fusion 360 – Advanced 3D design software.

SketchBook – Design program for product sketching.

Balsamiq – Wireframe tool for creating user interfaces. – Charting application for finite state diagrams.

GIMP – Raster-based graphic design software.

EasyEDA – Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design software.


Online Resources


This-to-That – Helpful guide for gluing things together.

Open Processing – Gallery of Processing sketches

Core77 – Design website and inspiration gallery.

Gear Generator - Website for experimenting with gears.